Who we are and what we stand for

The election was rigged. Not a surprise.
Votes were counted or discounted to the benefit of the board which hid behind the attorneys we pay for in the “creative” accounting. Ballots were taken after their self-imposed deadlines. Everything they could have done to defraud, they did. Those would be Jim Cosby*, Chris Peng*, Kim Ling*, Seth Dailey & Shae Berler*.

* = does not reside in the building.

The building is noticeably worse off. Owners and residents are proactively kept in the dark.
Our funds are being used up but for what? Not to address the Mold. Cockroaches. Hot water outages. General disrepair. Our home is being destroyed by this group which chose proactively not to live in the building.

4 out of 5 board members do not live in the building.
2 out of 5 “house committee”, comprised of people hand-picked by the board, do not live in the building.
check out www.FaceBook.com/BentwoodPhiladelphia to see what is really going on. Unlike the board and management, photos do not lie.


We are all homeowners & running for the Bentwood Historic Board.

We are deeply concerned with the financial, aesthetic, and structural state of the building.

As with many residents, owners and tenants of our building, we have no confidence in the current board; neither in its capacity, ability nor desire to successfully manage the financial, health, interests and quality of life of residents in the building.

Not only do most of the current board members not live in the building, one of them does not even own a residence yet has a “10% to 20%” vote (Per recent deposition) in our matters!

In early April 2017, it became evident that the current board members have no clue as to what goes on in our building as evidenced by recent depositions (where the board president could not even name the front desk staff much less account for our finances).

Not only is the current board unqualified to oversee our building and finances, they are not interested in doing so as they are either looking to rent out or sell their units. They have their own interests in mind and have used their position to directly benefit themselves.

The current board members have intentionally isolated us from one another by deliberately dissolving any sense of community, they have brought us to the brink of bankruptcy while serving themselves at our expense.

It's time for a clean and effective slate!
  • We are running to clean house.
  • Stop the financial misdeeds.
  • Avoid the looming special assessments.
  • Bring back a sense of community at Bentwood.
  • Bring full transparency to all residents on Bentwood matters.
  • We will reduce costs.
  • We will increase services.
  • We want all to have a voice.
Our Members

*note the original candidate sheets above were not distributed to you by First Service
because the current board did not "approve" of them.

What you can do to help


1. Read our Platform & What we promise to you

2. Make sure your voice is heard this election! Fill out this proxy

3. Return the proxy via email to Jon@GoVWS.com or fax 215-997-6929


1. Share TakeBackBentwood.com with your landlord

2. As part of increasing services and savings in the building, expect us to deploy

complimentary high speed internet within 3 months.

(We are looking out for you as well as you are an integral part of our community!)

Click on a file to download.
Our building is falling apart (pdf)
Tired of management that does not care and a board that fleeces you (pdf)